The Spiritus Mundi organisation consists of the nominating committee, the board of directors and the staff.

The nominating committee
 has the task to find suitable and qualified candidates for the board. The chairman of the nominating committee is Martin Martinsson, CEO of Musik i Syd.

The board of directors
 makes decisions regarding the work and consists of the following members:


Thomas Antoni, chairman

 For more than twenty years, Thomas has focused on the concept of communication, starting out as an actor working Internationally both in theatre and film (Academy award 1988). Studied Economy and Psychology for 5 years. Mixing these different skills together into a formula, creating a very unique and practical concept. Through his consulting practice, he empowers people to take control of communication. He works with individuals in a wide range of industries globally, teaching the “art of reaching out to others”. Helping them how to come across with their messages. “If you want to communicate you also have to take the full responsibility for starting the communication process.  You can never blame the “receiver”! It’s never their fault that they didn’t understand or reacted so differently from what you expected. You and no one else didn’t listen, or were not clear enough in your signals! By analysing the situation we can enhance the communication between people! I’m not in the “Illusion-business”, I’m just using the situation. Everybody can see, but the situation makes them blind!“ (Thomas Antoni)


Nicolas Strömbäck, vice chairman 

Nicolas Strömbäck is a music producer at SOH Network and also works as an environmental lawyer at the Counties Agency in Skåne. He is 31 years old, born and raised in  Malmö. With a great passion for music and culture and an ever present will to realize projects that make the world a better place, he accepted the job as a member of the Spiritus Mundi board in 2010. When Nicolas is not working with music or engages in large scale projects he likes to take care of body and mind.


Henrik Melius, member and CEO

Henrik has partially grown up in England, partially in Sweden. He has previously lived in the USA for close to ten years. There, among other things, he studied and worked with recording and composing music and yoga. He has also worked in Germany, Austria and Bahrain. The force in the foundation and work of Spiritus Mundi comes from his interest in working locally and internationally with creating meeting grounds that can lead to better understanding and knowledge between people from different cultures.


Gabriela Castro Oris, member

Douglas Arkliden, member

Yacir Chelbat-Persson, member

Micaela Vujica, alternate member

Jerker Arkliden, alternate member


Jan Hjärpe, honorary special advisor

Jan Hjärpe is a professor emeritus in Islamology at Lund University. Presently he is vice preses in the Vitterhetsakademien. He has served at Uppsala University, Umeå, Åbo and has since 1976 on and off served at Lund University. Jan Hjärpe is author of a dozen books, among them Islamismer: Politisk-religiösa rörelser i den muslimska världen (Gleerups, 2010) and Bilden av profeten: Berättelserna om Muhammed och deras funktion förr och nu (Leopard förlag 2011).


The staff consists of a CEO, human resources manager, project managers, project assistants, process manager, office manager, editor, art director, concept and web developer. Individual information about the staff can be found under About us/Contact.